Trauma, Mental Health

What these really look like, and how to get help when you’re overwhelmed.

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You’ve probably heard of the three classic trauma/fear responses: fight, flight, and freeze. Another response has been delineated recently: appease. We’ll look at that one in a minute.

These responses are triggered by a cascade of hormones in our brains when we are put in potentially dangerous situations. This flash…

Repeated trauma causes permanent changes in brain processing centers.

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[Disclaimer: The author is not a mental health professional. Article contents are for information purposes only and are not meant to diagnose or treat. See your doctor if you think you need help.]

A friend recently told a story about being worried about her taxi driver and the effort she…

The Writing Challenge winners merely reflect our national obsession with trauma porn.

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Whether it’s someone slipping on a banana peel or a true crime tale of kidnapping and murder, Americans are enthralled with the anguish and disappointments of others.

The Germans have a word that means taking joy from your enemy’s misfortune: schadenfreude.

But the word is meant to represent the pain…

Misunderstandings and misleadings on the road to eating plants.

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I read an ad the other day that listed the ingredients in a product. It mentioned that the product was vegan. The product was soap.

Soap? Who eats soap?

This is just an example of some common misunderstandings surrounding veganism.

What is veganism?

Veganism is a diet that excludes meat, dairy, and eggs…


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