Actually, that’s NOT all I got from your article. I’m asking a legitimate question here and you’re responding with derision. Is there a convention regarding the usage of Black and white that I’m not aware of? If we can’t have a civilized dialog about this simplest of issues then we (as a society) are never going to be able to have a discourse about the deeper concerns.

If you’re looking for feedback on your article, I submit this: Your headline states “Black people and people of color aren’t interchangeable. Ever.” I read the article with interest to learn WHY. Instead, you spend half the article talking about why Bernie Sanders doesn’t support Black people. That wasn’t an issue I expected given the title, but I read on. You then briefly state that Black people have different histories of repression that people of color and that the two groups shouldn’t be conflated. Ok, fine.

What you haven’t done is explain what you think the term “people of color” means, nor have you explained to me how I’m supposed to make those distinctions. What’s BLACK? Is it only people of African descent? If so, am I supposed to ask non-white people what their ethnicity is? That seems extremely racist to me. And if POC is every non-white person who isn’t black, then aren’t you guilty of the same lumping together of ethnicities that you accuse white people of? Tell me how I’m wrong.

You are making the assumption that all white (or White) people think all non-white people are the same. Yet, at the same time, you berate us for using the term “people of color” in a manner you disagree with. If you are going to write an article like this — which you presumably want white people to read — then you should expect questions and be prepared to answer them without rancor.

You implied that I didn’t get enough out of your article. I’ll reply that I think your approach is divisive. Will you rebut that? Or will you just block me?

Writer, copy/line editor. Writing in science, society, environment, injustice, and mental health. Also personal essays. And some random weirdness.

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