So, hi, Sherry. I carefully read this article by you — and I must say it disappointed me. I don’t know if the errors I highlighted in it will show up on the reference copy that’s tagged here; probably not. Let me give you an overall picture:

30 incorrect punctuation uses (including 28 comma splices)

2 improper word uses (an extra word where it shouldn’t be, and a wrong word homophone)

1 major misspelling (it’s McDonald’s)

Now, I only bring this up because your article took great pains to point out that grammar is important, and to make sure we use proper punctuation.

You’re a professional writer admonishing other writers about good writing…and about proofreading BEFORE you hit “Publish”. Words to live by.

Writer, copy/line editor. Writing in science, society, environment, injustice, and mental health. Also personal essays. And some random weirdness.

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